Ella’s 1 Month Update

Ella’s first month of being alive has been a roller coaster for us as parents and for her as a new baby human in this world. She’s had ups and downs like sleeping through the nights and then having a sudden shift to not sleeping at all. Or, loving bath time and enjoying to look at random things around the house.

One thing that she went through her first month was getting her first DIAPER RASH! OMG! I swear we changed her frequently but this little girl pee’s and poops’ constantly. I didn’t expect that at all as a new parent lol. But you live and you learn! We took her to the doctor and she was prescribed medication for it. Thank God it went away quickly!

Also, when Ella was born she wore newborn size for maybe like 3 weeks and then off to 0-3 months! Growing up TOO FAST.  I think it has to do with her being a bigger girl than most baby’s and because she eats a ton! I breastfeed her and she really likes that but I have found that I don’t produce 100% of my milk. (Due too many complications I had during her birth). Instead, we breastfeed for 20-30 minutes and then supplement with formula to top it off. It works for us and I’m happy that I can at least give her something from me to nourish her in her growth.

*I will be going into what it’s like to breastfeed as a new mom in another blog post! I’ve had all types of comments regarding breastfeeding my child, so I’ll def be real with you on this subject! If you are against b-feeding in public or just doing it in general, I’m talking about you, so maybe not reading would be great. HAHA.*

Anyways, here is a DIY for Ella’s first month that I did with the help of Erik’s fam! Thanks for reading my blog and subscribe to receive my emails!

 Last pic is her at 1 week old- the first two are exactly at 1 month πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•


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