My Labor and Delivery Story + Meet Ella Grace 

I want to share details of my labor with you all. April 17, 2017- the day I was going to be induced at 3am and finally get to meet my baby girl Ella! 

I woke up at 3:30am super late for my induction. When I stood up, I felt a weird, mushy, and slimy (sorry for TMI but this comes with pregnancy!) feeling running through my legs. Sure enough, my water had broke on its own but I didn’t think any of it because I thought I had peed myself. After taking a shower, Erik and I rushed to the hospital where I am shown to my official labor & delivery room. The feeling you get going into the room is so nerve wrecking lol! But I was so ready to meet this baby that had been in my belly for 9+ months. The nurse checked me and notified me that my labor had already started hours ago and I was dilated 5cm! At this point, I asked for the epidural because I knew I wanted to get it. 

Around 12pm I was dilated 7cm (checked by the nurses) and around 1pm  I was a full 10cm dilated. SIKE!  The nurses miscalculated the dilation and as my doctor approached me to start my delivery, she confessed to the nurses that I had stopped dilating at 7cm. Apparently, they had only measured the tip of Ella’s head. 

At this point, I was running a fever, had GBS (group B strep), low iron level of 8, and was not progressing in my labor. So guess what happens guys, EMERGENCY C-SECTION.

Ella Grace Coronado was born April 17, 2017 at 2:47pm. She weighed 9lbs and 8oz- 21 inches long. 

All I can remember is Ella’s cry after being taken out of my belly and it was the most emotional thing ever. Not exaggerating. I quickly began to cry my eyes out because the feeling you get is the best in the world. 

We stayed at the hospital for almost 1 week because I had to have a blood transfusion and Ella was in the NICU being monitored. 

Just want to thank family and friends for being there. Truly felt so much love and support. 

Giving birth is a blessing and a miracle all at once. 





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