Ella’s 2 Month Update

Hey Guys,

So let’s get right to it. There’s no stopping Ella’s growth and as the time passes on, it makes me realize how smart she’s going to be in the future. I mean, she literally knows when it’s boobie time LOL. When I undo the clip to my nursing bra to feed her, she gets all excited because she knows what’s coming! Also, she recognizes her pink Dr. Brown bottles! It’s crazy to even think one day she will be my age and live life as well.

One thing that I experienced this month and recommend all FTM to do is go see a lactation consultant. If you plan on breastfeeding (even if you don’t know how to do it) please go see one! I did that and it helps so much! Not to mention that it was FREE of charge. Always reach out to your community to see helpful resources. I went to The Lactation Foundation in Houston, Texas.

Ella has been cooing so much! She can say “goo-goo” and sighs. I just love it! She wears 3-6 months and also wears size 2 in diapers! Thank God I received so many presents (diapers & wipes) from the baby shower! You won’t realize how many babies need until you’re there.

Fun Fact: Babies go through 7,000-9,000 diapers the first years of their life!

She’s also at that stage where she’s chunky enough to safely hold (told by family members) and is super awake. As in, no longer sleeping that much lol.

Pros: Ella is sleeping 9-10 hours straight at night time!

Cons: She’s growing out of her clothes, diapers, and eating more!

See ya next time!




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