Ella’s 3 Month Update 

My baby girl has reached 3 months and honestly, these months have been so beautiful with her. Ella can now turn over and hold her head up so strong! #ProudMama  

I know these moments and milestones will be with me as she grows older and enters a new stages in her life. If you have a little one, hold them tight and kiss them a lot because you only get this once! 

She’s also wearing 6 month & sometimes 9 month on bottoms clothing!!! I know, she’s a big girl. 

Things I look forward to do with her are getting her ears pierced, buying new toys for her to play with, and her gentle & sweet smile everyday. 💕💕💕 

My favorite toys to use in the car seat for her are the Bright Stars hangers! She loves them. Also, her next doc appointment won’t be until the “4 month checkup” aka shots. Ugh. But I feel like I need to bring her into the doc just so I know everything is okay and going smoothly. I feel like she weighs maybe 18lbs? 

Also, I feel like doing a mommy & me class with her! Any suggestions? 

As we are approaching Fall 2017, I’m trying to get ready when it comes to sales because I really want to dress Ella up since this is my favorite season! (Aside from spring). We are in need of new wardrobe for sure as my body is adjusting to the postpartum changes. 

As always, thanks for stopping by and showing my blog some love!


P.S. The real life struggle of taking pics with a baby! 


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