Ella’s 4 Month Update

Hi ladies! Another month has gone by and Ella is now obviously 4 months! Every day that passes by, my love for her grows even more. It’s truly unbelievable how much a child can change your life. I mean this in a beautiful way. ❤️

“You are a child of God, you are wonderfully made, dearly loved and precious in his sight.Before God made you, he knew you… There’s no one like you” psalm 139

This quote literally describes what I feel about Ella. So gentle and wise. 

The basic recaps of this month are:

  • Ella now wears 9-12 months clothing
  • Sits on a bumbo
  • Loves her pink walker
  • Laughs! (Not just cooing)
  • loves to play “Boo” & loves to get spooked
  • loves her stuffed worm named Goo-Goo
  • fell from the bed (lol she’s fine.)
  • still loves bath time
  • no teeth yet

Guys at this point in my postpartum, I’ve decided to reduce/wean off on breastfeeding her on demand to just occasionally maybe 3 times a day. The reason behind this is because I am super content with my breastfeeding journey as we officially hit 4 months strong and I am now starting part time work. I also have decided not to pump! Lol too stressful for this mama. So when I’m not breastfeeding her she is drinking formula and that works for us just fine.

Okay, a little rant:

I feel like a lot of moms are pressured to raise their babies in 1 CERTAIN WAY and like everyone else. Well let me be the first and probably not last to tell you that YOU do YOU boo boo. As far as being a first time mom, I’ve had so many people try to give me unsolicited advice and frankly some of it is from people that have no experience in what they are talking about. Either they are not moms yet or have been but don’t approve of your way.

If you’re an expecting mom, please surround yourself with positive and uplifting people because you need it! This is the main reason why I started to blog. Because I want other moms to know the real deal in motherhood, parenting, and marriage. Whatever you see on my Instagram or social media is just 1 side of my life (what I choose to display). But this blog means more.

Anyways, I’m really thrilled to see what Ella Grace learns in these 4 months! She’s an angel from above and everyday I thank God for giving me my true love. Life is not perfect, but with her by my side it sure feels like it’s super close to it. I love you Ella.

As always,

Thanks for reading my blog!




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