Diaper Bag Must Haves + Essentials

Welcome back to another blog post! For those of you reading, thanks so much for keeping up with my blog! πŸ’• Today, I’ll be sharing my diaper bag essentials and must haves. So if you’re a new mama check out some of these products, they might make your life easier.
❀To make things easier for you, I linked everything in the title of the product in pink, so just click away!❀

Ella’s Diaper Bag

When I was at the hospital (after giving birth to Ella), my cousin was so sweet and ran to get me a diaper bag! She sent photos of probably almost every diaper bag in the store that she thought was cute and I immediately loved this one! It has a wipes compartment on one side, multiple compartments inside to store from lotions to bows and headbands! Of course, Erik approved of it as well!

Ella’s Pacifier

These pacifiers are very soothing and smooth for a newborn. When Ella was in NICU, they gave her a special vanilla scented one and she took it well. Now that she’s older, she doesn’t like pacifiers very much so we are still trying to figure her out lol.

Our Favorite Wipes Ever!
These are by far our favorite wipes. They are not only soft and gentle for a baby’s bottom, but have an amazing tab that seals them back so they are always fresh and smooth for the next round of diaper changing.

We LOVE Pampers Brand. Ella looks like she’s comfortable and sometimes we might give Huggies a try as well. If you get diapers, make sure it has the leak “pee pee” indicator that lets you know when the baby needs to be changed. Saves us so much time.

My whole family loves these bibs when they get a chance to feed Ella. The material is super soft and the size is perfect for our chunky baby girl. Also, we love anything pastel for a baby girl. Always check on bib sizing! It’s something new that I learned while trying on bibs for Ella. Hurry! They are having 20% off on these @ Babies R’ Us.

Bandana Bibs
The most stylish and cutest bibs for your baby! They have some for baby boys as well!

Portable Baby Water
If there’s anything that you should take from my blog post is the mini, on the go, and lifesaver baby water! I LOVE ❀❀❀ plus, it’s super cheap and just adorable. 😁 Only at HEB!

We carry powdered formula 80% of the time and ready to feed 20%. Ella uses Enfamil Gentle Ease/Similac Total Comfort. But when you’re trying to fit everything in just 1 diaper bag, save some space by buying the Enfamil GentleEase Packs on the go. πŸ’πŸ»πŸ˜

HealthCare & Grooming Kit
My husband & I like this kit because and folds and is easy to store in the bag. This DELUXE kit contains the basics and a little more like nail filters, ID card, and hair comb. Not going to lie, sometimes I don’t carry this (I should though lol) but it’s always great to have in the car or home. Make sure all your medicines and short record are in this kit! 

Extra Onesies
Finally, ALWAYS pack extra clothes for your baby. Ella goes through at least 2-3 outfits each day. So I always pack onesies just in case she decides to get all wild on us haha! 🀣

Just a P.S.: I try to be a minimalist and carry as less as possible so the bag won’t be too heavy, but sometimes I usually carry things like: Nose Frida, extra burp rags, and accessories for Ella that are not listed. 

Thanks for reading my blog! πŸ’œ What would you like to see on my next blog post?
Beauty, Fashion, Mom Tips & Tricks, Marriage Talk, or just Motivational Speaking???
Let me know!


Flor 🌸


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