My Makeup Routine + Products 

Hi babes! So I am no expert when it comes to makeup at all, but when I scroll down my feed on Instagram…I always question what type of products girls I follow use. I thought it would be fun to post about my favorite and daily makeup products I use. I always get compliments mainly on my foundation and eyebrows-so here it is! I use both high end & drugstore products so it just depends on what my budget is like for the month on my purchases. Click the links in pink (the title of the product) to take you to their store. 

#MomTalk: Now that I am a new mom, it’s hard to just focus on myself because now I have a little human being who needs me 24/7. I quickly learned that either I was going conquer this “New Mom Routine” or let it defeat me. I choose to be happy and incorporate my daughter in everything I do. Make sure you make time for yourself! It’s so important for you and your baby’s well being. I am so thankful to have so much family + my husbands support. ❤❤❤

Born This Way Foundation

This foundation lasts me a good 4-5 months! My shade is “Warm Beige” and I apply it on my face with a beauty blender. This is the first step for me and I usually apply moisturizer before setting foundation. 

Radiant Creamy Concealer

Best concealer I’ve found for my skin tone + lives up to its name “radiant”. I wear 2 shades depending on the season, (macadamia or custard) both sell pretty quickly! 2nd step into my makeup routine. 

Mat Duo Powder

This is a Powder & Foundation. I love it because it creates the smoothest look to my face! I wear “205 Medium Beige”. I like to apply my powder after concealer so everything is set on my face. 

Telescopic Mascara

I’ve been using this mascara for a month already and it definitely plumps up my lashes. I recommend for girls who have short lashes like me. Tip: Gently curl your lashes before, it most definitely improves my lashes. 

Love Flush 16 Hour Blush

I use the shade ” I will always love you- gilded peach”.

Dipbrow Pomade

THE ABSOLUTE BEST. I use a special applicator which makes all the difference. Find one at your local Target or Sephora. 

Makeup Highlight & Contour Palette

I feel like this is a great and affordable product compared to the other high end contour palettes. This product will deliver the same result or even better.

Dose of Color Lipstick

I used the shade “no shade” to get the look on my pictures! I have so many lipsticks it would be emotionally draining for me to post each one here lol but you can always ask me! 


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